Day 18: best episode focused on Cally

It’s hard for me to pick between Time Squad and Shadow.  Time Squad introduced her and her ~ways - and Shadow had that whole thing with her telepathy and that madness with Orac.

And the moondiscs, which were probably the most adorable thing in the show.  Besides… the eyecandy.
Day 17: Character You Like That Everyone Else Hates:

The Space Rats.  I assume people probably don’t like them very much, but I have no idea.

Mostly because they remind me of the Mad Max films.  And I used to have a mohawk like that.  Aw yeah.
Day 15: Character You Relate To The Most:

This is a hard question, because mostly everyone’s got something I can relate to in one way or another.  

But, I think Vila is probably the closet match for me.  I’m handy with things, and I’m good at what I do.  When I have to do Important Things, I procrastinate - sort of how Vila pretends to be lazy to try to get out of doing them.  But in the end, I do whatever needs doing.  I wouldn’t say that I was a coward, but sometimes anxiety issues make me want to sleep all day.  

I’m silly and I’d usually rather be drunk.  So there’s that, too.
Day 10: Least Favourite Romance:

Avon & Lady Jessica

You know she only had eyes for Leto, anyway.
Day 9: Least favourite series (tv and book spoilers)

Series four.

I’m going to admit that sometimes series one is hard for me to watch in long stretches, because it seems to move slowly.  But that’s not a bad thing - because there is so much to introduce and set up.  They’re introducing the universe, the ideals, the people, and… everything.  

But series four? It’s a like/hate.  My likelove is mainly in the finale (fuck yeah David Collings oh god allllll the feels forever and I’ve never been the same since ramble, ramble), the Tanith Lee episode (shut up I like Sand), and some of the character progression, which… is mostly just Avon, and to a slight degree Tarrant.

Some of the episodes had a haunting John Nathan-Turner feel to them, even though he was nowhere to be seen.  Was the writing that much of a bad parody? Probably.  But I can’t write for shit, so what do I know.

Giving Soolin more of a chance would have been nice.  Like I said, she’s cool and I like her, but she just came across as really bland:
1. Her boyfriend is a monster-type and dies a nice, hammy death.
2. Avon & co take over Xenon.
3. And they take Scorpio.
4. Somehow this doesn’t seem to bother her, and she’s perfectly okay.

It’s kind of like… the only time she ever gets emotionally uppity is when Gauda Prime is mentioned.  I know she was tough, but… even Avon gets sadfaces.

And Servalan being the bogeyman.  And… Some of the episodes were really just out of place.  It was like, ep, ep, ep, wtf is warlord doing here why does this even, ~FINALE~


I mean, it’s better than Tony Attwood’s unofficial sequel novel, Afterlife, by a billion points.  So just remember, when you think it’s bad, it can always get worse.  I mean why did he bring Tarrant back to only to have him die in the most absurd way? B/
Day 8: Favourite Romance:


Because, honestly, they were probably the only ones that truly understood one another.  This was almost my answer for the ‘Favourite Friendship’ question - but I think this was a little more than a friendship, and more of an obsession on Avon’s part, since Orac isn’t capable of having ‘real’ emotions.  Not to say that it was even terribly romantic or… true, but I ship it anyway because I said so.  idk.  

And then there’s this video, that a sort of old friend of mine made a long while back.
Day 6: Least Favourite Male Character: Moloch

What is this even no.