The Man From UNCLE is going to be on me-tv starting next month. Aw yassss.


that time I accidentally opened a portal to the universal core being in my living room



i blame you for everything ever

Went into a little corner store for a ginger ale.  Came out with these, as well.  Awesome.

If the heart is cold
If there is no light
I can be the one
If the the heart is cold
If the blood runs hot
Let there be an end
Let there be no one
Who can be the light

Where you go, I won’t lead

proud of u for not ltting the monster drag u down

♥ ♥ ♥

i have an interview tomorrow, and i’m just sat here:

sort of buzzed and listening to some enz

contemplating tags

where is the nausea and anxiety?

i am not sure where i am supposed to be, but if i’m on top of things, then keep on dancing. let’s all go dancing.


A taniwha in Lake Taupo

just putting it out there: i know i post/reblog some unsavory stuff sometimes, so if you need it tagged for xkit or ts, or whatever you use, please let me know. i am perfectly fine with doing that for any of you. cheers.

I take the L and R on my headphones seriously.

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